Voice of Customer

22% of marketers haven’t heard of Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs.

Yet for those marketers who have, 80% of them think that VoC programs are critical to the success of their business.

What is voice of the customer?

Voice of the customer is an online insights community through which we gather data and information on your customers and your competitors’ customers, including comments, feedback and requirements, to implement a tailored strategy to increase customer satisfaction. Voice of the customer enables businesses to identify what really matters to their customers and pinpoint key areas for investment to maximize growth.

Who uses Voice of Customer:

Marketing Managers, customer insight managers, planning directors, public relations managers, strategists, market researchers and anyone who wants to gain deeper insight into your brand’s customers.

Our Solutions

We provide an online platform for your customers to share their feedback in real-time. With configurable dashboards for every role and relevant insights for the right people to see, it’s easier than ever to zoom in to the individual customer and zoom out to see the big picture.

Our experts will setup a world-class voice of the customer program that you, your boss and your customers will be proud of. Our focus is establishing the most significant KPIs from the VoC analytics in order to create a clear and impactful strategy. Overlaying our text analytics module quantifies customer comments and disseminates key insights.

What you get:

Expert support

We provide questionnaire design, full-service execution, reporting and analysis.

Engaged respondents

We target the audience you need, and our respondents show high response rates—up to 45 percent.

Expert pre-profiling

Customize your profiling to get the exact respondent you want to speak to.

Feedback from the broader market

Go beyond your customers to the greater public and competitors’ customers.

Seamless integration with your Insight Community

Addison Researcher’s Insight Community clients can invite VoC members into their communities, allowing for real-time reporting and study management.

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