Social & Opinion Research

Understanding the nexus between government, business, society, policy, politics, stakeholders, investors, interest groups and the public has never been more complicated or important. The Public Affairs practice of Addison Research breaks down this barrier for clients by focusing on Social & Public Opinion research.

Following are the most commonly performed studies by our team relating to public affairs and public policy:

  • Public Service Monitoring
  • Community Baseline Survey
  • Political Study
  • Program Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Socio & Cultural Study
  • Social Planning Study
  • Media Monitoring (Online & Offline)

Our Public Affairs team has conducted studies on behalf of the federal government, local government, associations, NGOs and companies in almost every sector of the economy. Some of these include:

Policy and project impact assessment and evaluation

We help governments and development organizations develop appropriate policies and projects with responsive and robust evaluation exploring policy implementation (formative evaluation); policy delivery (process evaluation); policy impact (impact assessment); and return on investment (economic analysis).

Citizen and public service satisfaction and quality of life improvement

We help governments improve services through recommending areas of priority and improvement and tracking the impact. Our Public Sector Improvement Model has been developed to guide this work and we employ a variety of methods to understand and track customer satisfaction, which enables benchmarking of performance in citizen satisfaction.

Ethnographic, qualitative and deliberative research

Qualitative research connects governments with citizens, development organizations with beneficiaries, and companies with customers and we use it to develop policy and actions, explore the mechanisms through which projects make impact, understand long-term benefits and outcomes, develop appropriate projects, products, communications and interventions and track how attitudes change over time.

Behaviour change, social change and communications

Many of the most important social issues in our region relate to behavioural change. We use the latest thinking in behavioural theory and behavioural economics to underpin our holistic, systematic approach. Our methods help clients develop, implement and evaluate behaviour change programmes, design effective and efficient services and develop interventions to influence change.

Our Public Affairs division works across the policy areas below:
  • Public health and family planning
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Public sector performance (e.g. citizen satisfaction, quality of life surveys, happiness, and also utilities such as water, electricity)
  • Governance including corruption surveys
  • Agriculture
  • Enterprise studies
  • Youth
  • Labour, work and employment
  • Financial access and financial literacy
  • Environment, climate change
  • Transportation
  • Tourism and leisure
  • Social sector studies
  • Retail and distribution for social marketing

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