Path to Purchase

We understand the attitudes, behaviors and decisions that influence consumer decisions along their path to purchase, unlocking opportunities for your brand.

Consumers are faced with seemingly endless options throughout their Path to Purchase, navigating a complex array of product attributes and benefits. We help brands and retailers clarify this process by identifying – and organizing – the factors that impact a consumer’s “decision tree” and translating them into growth opportunities for products and categories.

Client Questions

  • How can I influence shoppers at the key moments of decision making along the purchase journey?
  • What triggers and barriers do I need to activate or overcome to increase sales conversion?
  • How can I organise my aisle and shelf to generate the most sales?
  • How can I understand how the well-connected consumer makes his decision in-store and at e-commerce sites?
  • How can I understand the impact of Social Media in the purchase decision?
  • What is the best shopper marketing plan for my brand?

Our Solutions

The rise of digital, mobile and e-commerce technology is changing the path to purchase. We help our clients navigate and win in a shifting retail environment, identifying key opportunities for brands and retailers to better serve their consumers.

We focus on:

Target the right shoppers at the right touchpoint

We will help you understand how consumers make choices along the path-to-purchase and identify which touchpoints are most influential in generating sales. How? Through our comprehensive approach that integrates qualitative and quantitative research, social listening and passive metering.

Uncover retailer equity

Compare why shoppers prefer different retailers and the key elements that drive equity at a store, department or category level against drivers that are critical to performance. Our proprietary tools deliver retailer equity as perceived by shoppers. Both manufacturers and retailers can use this information to shape your messaging, touchpoints, promotions and packaging to ultimately increase sales.

Succeed at Point of Purchase

We offer a modular portfolio of POS activation testing solutions – from ideation to screening to testing to in-market performance. No matter what stage you are at, we can quickly and accurately tell you what’s going to work and what’s not.

Find out what’s really happening in-store

Our researchers provide quantitative feedback on in-store performance and customer experiences. Collected by discreet in-store observers, we will be able to tell you how to optimise shoppers’ flow map, the percent of shoppers that interact with the staff and products, average shopping time and which zones shoppers buy from.

Case Studies

Case study: Test new packaging

Business Challenge

Our client, a cosmetic brand, wanted to better understand the customer’s path-to-purchase in-store versus online. Ultimately they wanted to make improvements to their website, as well as other websites which they controlled in order to drive online sales. Additionally, they desired to find ways to improve consumers’ in-store experience.

What we did

Addison Research designed a multi-phase qualitative and quantitative approach to gain deep understanding of consumers’ needs, desires, shopping experiences, and shopping decision making behaviors, both in-store and online.

The client learned a great deal about what made their brand appealing to their consumers. Specifically, they learned where online path-to-purchase exceeded expectations and also what features were found to make for a loyal following. Additionally, the client learned failings and where the respondents felt disappointed. These findings were used by the client to assist their major retail partner in a number of areas, including improvements to their in-store, behind the counter processes and displays. The client used this research to improve their own website, as well as other websites which they controlled to drive traffic and increase online sales.

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