Online Consumer Panel

Opinion Colectiva: The 1st Online Consumer Panel in Nicaragua
Survey responses made simple. Respondents on-demand.

An innovator in market research methods, Addison Research has over a decade of online panel building expertise in the USA and Canada. We have now brought that expertise to Nicaragua by building the 1st online consumer panel. While 70% of research conducted in the USA and Canada is online, this is less than 5% in Nicaragua. Our consumer panel will change the landscape on how research data is being collected in Nicaragua.

Further supported by our deep understanding of the Nicaraguan market, our Opinion Colectiva consumer panel is recruited through a rigorous selection process to represent different market segments. Our panel has national representation and is the most convenient way to get relevant insights.

Advantages of OPINION COLECTIVA Online Consumer Panel

  • Lower cost – online research relative to face-to-face and telephone methodologies is less expensive for the same size of sample and length of interview.
  • Greater speed – large samples can be contacted much more quickly and online approaches offer the possibility of very fast turnaround surveys and polling. We can reduce your project timelines by 50%.
  • Higher data quality – since the surveys are programmed and tested in advance, there are no interviewer, data entry, or respondent fatigue issues.
  • Greater interactivity and use of visual stimuli – online surveys allows research that is more visual, flexible and interactive. Respondents can easily be shown web-pages, images and video.
  • Better for tracking studies – since all the data is collected online, if there are changes in the brand or in the preferences of consumers, these changes can be tracked, researched and implemented very quickly.
  • Avoidance of social desirability effects – the absence of an interviewer means a greater degree of honesty regarding questions that may have a social desirability element. This has been shown in many areas of sensitive subjects, health care and public policy research.
  • Better marketing and sales data – provides a fantastic insight on sales activity and it allows companies, across different outlets, to compare their figures and effects on consumers.
  • Possibilities for complex routing – is possible without the presence of an interviewer. In other self-completion surveys routing within a questionnaire needs always to be kept to a minimum, to avoid respondent and interviewer confusion. Since questionnaire routing in an online survey can be fully automated, any level of complexity can be accommodated without the risk of respondent error.

Opinión Colectiva Proprietary Consumer Panel: Simplifies Recruiting Research Respondents

Our expertise in online surveys and respondent profiling means richer data and segmentation
of markets. Our panel consists of respondents from all over Nicaragua.

  • Recruiting from various media channels and partnerships to ensure large representative samples
  • Respondents are profiled by important traits such as Age, Gender, Location, Income, Education, Household Composition, Banking/Telecommunication/Beverage/Food Preferences, etc.
  • Highest quality sample achieved through rigorous validation methods
  • Enticing rewards and incentive options for panelists


“The Addison Research team has been great in helping us field our studies through their consumer panel. Their panel is great for reaching respondents in a short amount of time without the hassle of data collection mistakes. Having a dedicated Addison Research project manager to oversee our projects is like having an extension of our team.”

– Nestle

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