Online Bulletin Boards



Online bulletin boards are an online discussion that involves approximately 20-24 respondents. Bulletin boards are held over a specified period of time (usually 3-4 days). They are excellent for eliciting more in-depth comments on complex issues, as well as for allowing participation by individuals who would be difficult to gather collectively in “real time.”

  • Respondents can participate at their own convenience each day.
  • More time to mull over questions / implications
  • Each respondent has the time to articulate their responses and provide detailed answers
  • Opportunity to combine one-to-one and group approaches (e.g., can set it up so an individual cannot see others’ responses until they put in their own)
  • Clients can send private prompts to the moderator (from their observation room) to probe further on specific responses as they see fit.
  • Clients can observe groups from office or home – wherever Internet access available.
  • Provides access to hard to reach groups (e.g., low incidence, geographically diverse).
  • Multimedia capabilities – audio, visual, streaming video
  • Facilitates communication among respondents – less intimidated,
    open and honest.
  • Save travel costs for moderator and observers.



  • UAI Research
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Social study
  • Concept & Product Test
  • Ads Pre-Test and and Post-Test

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