Eye Tracking



Eye tracking offers fast, cost effective and neuromarketing insights to maximize impact of your shoppers, advertising and digital services. Eye tracking involves measuring where the respondents eye is focused or the motion of the eye as they evaluate your product, packaging, advertising, website, ecommerce platform, shelf space, etc.

Through eye tracking, we can show you:
  • If your creative is strong enough to run. Our test evaluates whether the ad attracts and holds attention, the key areas are visible, the memorability and inspiration of the ad and whether your target audience will take action.
  • If your TV Commercial communicate the key messages and evoke enough emotions to stimulate the purchase.
  • If your new package design will increase sales. Via our eye tracking and virtual shopping platform (and surveys), Addison Research tests your package, whether shoppers notice the main areas on the pack, overall likeability, purchase intent, package attributes, etc.
  • If your in-store campaign is working. Our eye tracking (and survey) test evaluates POS visibility and browsing time, visibility of key elements, viewing order, overall likeability, the memorability and inspiration of the POS, as well as purchase intent.
  • If your products shelf category and location will yield most sales for your new product. Our system tests new product introductions with virtual shopping trips, to understand which category and channel is the best, what is the impact of promotions, whether you market share will increase estimating category growth, market share potential, impact on average margin, time to decide, etc.

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