Consumer Omnibus

Addison Research Omnibus: The 1st Online Omnibus in Nicaragua
Survey responses made simple. Flexible, fast and cost-effective.

An innovator in market research methods, Addison Research has over a decade of omnibus expertise in the USA and Canada. We have now brought that expertise to Nicaragua by building the 1st online Omnibus. Our monthly Omnibus service will change the landscape on how research data is being collected in Nicaragua.

What is an Omnibus?

A research program designed to help our clients run short surveys with a statistically significant sample size—without financing and organising a full market or opinion research survey. Our omnibus runs the 1st of each month and the data is delivered to the client within 5 business days.

How does it work?

Our omnibus enables you to collect data quickly and in a cost effective manner. By combining multiple researchers’ questions into a single survey, you have easy access to a nationally representative panel for a low price.

Each researcher can purchase up to 10 questions. Questions are sent to a nationally representative sample of 1,000 respondents, compiled using overall demographic quotas based on census percentages for representation: age, gender, ethnicity, household income, and census region. A demographic block is provided at the end of each researcher’s survey with additional fields such as education level, employment status, children in the household, etc.

What can I use Omnibus for?

  • Test ads, messages, and concepts.
  • Identify awareness, attitudes, usage, and behaviors (for brands, products, and services).
  • Conduct cost-effective academic research with large samples.
  • Establish and track benchmarks.
  • Profile demographics and relevant segments.
  • Understand public perception and opinions

By sharing the cost of the panel between multiple researchers, our Omnibus solution gives you significant cost savings, without compromising the quality of your data. So, if you have fewer than 10 questions and need a nationally representative sample, reach out to us today to reserve your seat on the next Omnibus.

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