Concept Testing

At Addison Research, through Concept Testing we investigate your potential consumers’ reactions to your proposed product or service before introducing the product or service to market. Concept testing is a valuable step to identify perceptions, wants and needs associated with your product or service.

Through effective Concept Testing, our experts will help you navigate the following four areas of product development and launch:


Pinpoint concentrated segments of the population to which your product or service appeals


Assess the relative appeal of alternative product or service ideas/configurations/positions and features desirable to the targeted market segments


Collect necessary information for developing your product or service and its promotion, distribution and pricing


Implant your product or service’s appealing characteristics in the minds of target consumers

Our Solutions

We are able to perform a number of Concept Tests so that you can minimize risk and maximize revenue when delivering your service or consumer product into a market. Often, respondents will be asked to evaluate different combinations of features, benefits and prices in order to gain a better understanding of key trade-offs. Do consumers prefer a lower-cost product with fewer benefits to a higher-cost, fully loaded option?

Some of our Concept Tests include:


We use new product concept tests to identify the benefits most important to customers and the features, benefits, and pricing that are most likely to create those benefits. Features are categorized into “need to haves” and “nice to haves.” We identify and prioritize customer needs for product development and promotion. This type of concept test also tests customers’ initial reactions to your concept.


Reformulations, modifications, and upgrades can add new life to your existing products and services. With product modification or upgrade tests, we identify the optimal bundle of features. At this stage, we differentiate and prioritize the release of new features that are “need to haves” vs. “nice to haves” so that we create products and services that are truly “new and improved” and worthy of a new release or upgrade.


We conduct concept use tests to assess the user experience. We address how the user experience with your product or service can be improved. We focus this research on a variety of areas—ease of use; similarity to current usage patterns; the ability to adapt and use critical feature implementations; and the congruence with current image, usage patterns and service provisions.


We never underestimate the importance of price expectations in new product adoptions. Price, incentives, bundling, cross-product tie-ins and cost-mitigating factors, such as warranties and use agreements, all change price perceptions and perceptions of value. Our Pricing and Incentive Tests determine the optimal pricing point for your product concept bundles and can estimate customer price acceptability curves.

Case Studies

Case study: Concept testing a new service

Business Challenge

Our telecommunications client wanted to explore the possibility of a new online digital service with potential customers.

What we did

Addison Research conducted focus groups with participants meeting specific age, income level and computer ownership requirements as well as certain behaviors/practices related to this new service. Participants discussed which features they considered valuable, what procedures they preferred, as well as what fees would be considered reasonable for such a service. We then employed a quantitative study with target users of the product to validate qualitative research outcomes.
As a result of the groups and the quantitative surveys, we were able to determine that the digital service would not truly meet customer needs and expectations. In addition to a low interest level, the design inherent in the service raised significant security concerns among participants. By exploring this concept early on, we were able to determine that the service would not be feasible, which provided tremendous savings for the client.

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