Brand Strategy & Positioning

People experience brands across an ever-growing range of touchpoints. The most successful brands are able to align all the moments that really matter to consumers – from communications to product experience.

So how do you identify those precise moments that have the power to make your brand appealing, deepen commitment and increase revenue?

We help you identify and shape the touchpoints that will create impact in the mind and in the market, and deliver extraordinary growth for your brand. Knowing how your brand is perceived among the consumers, the qualities which are related to it, we can accurately form your brand image and apply the necessary marketing strategy.

Client Questions – Brand Strategy

  • How can I identify the key drivers to build a strong brand?
  • What are the key parameters needed to structure my brand portfolio?
  • How can I optimize my brand portfolio to maximize sales?
  • What potential categories should my brand stretch to?
  • Are there unmet consumer needs my brands could address?

Client Questions – Brand Positioning

  • What product or messaging improvements should I make to improve the experience in specific moments?
  • How does my brand perform relative to competitors across different moments?
  • Which moments represent the biggest growth opportunity?
  • How can I optimize my portfolio across different moments?

Our Solutions

Helping your brand stand out starts with understanding why it should. We’ll uncover what your brand does to uniquely satisfy a consumer’s emotions and self-image, and build a strategy around it. We listen carefully to what your target really wants—the emotions they wish to feel and the person they desire to be—to help you understand what drives their purchasing decisions.

We focus on:

Brand Strategy & Innovation

As a first step, we help identify and quantify the key insights and opportunities for the brand. Next we use these insights as a springboard to develop new ideas, concepts and products, which can then be tested and validated on their potential to grow your business. This requires a strong connection between our various units combining contextual information, consumer research, ideation and testing.

Brand Dimension

Through Brand Dimension, research is collected using a specialized questionnaire, which comprehensively defines all information needed for the analysis. Brand Dimension is applicable in various spheres, where existing brands can be identified; it may research brands of daily consumed goods and services as well as business-to-business products and services. 

Understanding Consumer Motivations with Censydiam

Censydiam is our psychological framework used to explore consumer motivations in a systematic way by unraveling both emotional and functional consumer needs. It is an approach which can be used to understand how to create relevance for your brands or to identify what associations and benefits to use in concept development and communications so consumers can more easily connect with your brand.

Brand Positioning

Our proprietary concept-testing platform lets us approach positioning testing like a friendly conversation, not a business brief. This works well in both qualitative and quantitative testing so it’s sure to fit your business needs.

Case Studies

Case study: Brand Positioning Challenge

Business Challenge

Banking is becoming very competitive with each bank trying to develop a unique positioning. Our client’s brand was performing well, but our client felt that the current brand strategy, which focused on functional benefits, had reached its maturity. The client needed to know how to strengthen the brand and gain more share.

What we did

We leveraged our proprietary Censydiam model to add a more emotional set of drivers to the existing functional benefits. As these drivers were linked to current business success, Addison Research was able to simulate the potential gain in market share.

Case study: Understanding Category Positioning

Business Challenge

Our retail client had built a strong and solid technical reputation in producing sportswear. They were the first brand in running shoes in a very competitive sports market. They had the ambition to double their share of the market.

What we did

Through a series of studies (including in-depth interviews, social listening and structured interviews) we unraveled the key needs in sports and how brands at that time delivered on these needs. We identified several strategic options for our client, which we helped to develop into concrete actions through activation workshops. The result was an impressive growth in shares in the following years.

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